Saturday, 27 August 2016

ChampOne C1 Smartphone for Rs. 501 : We know what the "C" stands for !


After Freedom 251, Namotel etc, here comes another smartphone company claiming to sell phones at unbelievable prices and we truly have no reasons to " believe":P
This is not a review and we'll just do a short talk on "ChampOne C1"

What are the features of ChampOne C1?
Well, we don't wanna take so much of savage stuff but here are the specs they claim to have in their smartphone. (As given in their website)

Can this be true?
As they are offering "Cash On Delivery" as the payment option, it won't be good to lash about them much before the actual sale. But as we have seen for the cases of "Freedom 251" and "Docoss X1" it is unlikely that we'll ever get our hands on these smartphones.

Where can I get the phone?
We won't assure you that you'll actually get the phone :P But you can register for the sale at

When will the sale be held?
The sale will be held on 2nd September,2016 on their official website (the one we mentioned above)

Our Opinion:
Frankly speaking, after what Freedom 251,Docoss X1 and Namotel did, only a "Hutiyo Ka Raja" will believe in this :P This can be a revolution in the smartphone industry but most likely, it would be nothing more than another scam. So lets see what ChampOne has got :)

Thanks for reading the article and please don't hate us if ChampOne C1 disappoints you :P
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