Monday, 22 August 2016

Honest Redmi 3s Prime Review- Should you go for it?


Hello and welcome to the first article of "Witty Tech Reviews"
Today we are going to review a smartphone currently ruling the budget-phone segment in the Indian smartphone industry.
We have with us the newly launched Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime !

Well I have found a good number people using terms like "Chinese Shit" and "Apple Wannabe" to describe Xiaomi devices but I personally like the quality and specs they offer in such low prices.
So without wasting much time, lets take a look at what Redmi 3s Prime priced at Rs.8,999 has to offer us.

| Design |


The design is overall quite premium and has a great resemblance to Redmi Note 3.The build is quite nice and your Xiaomi-hater friends will burn black by seeing it :D (For Sure)
The phone is 8.5mm thick and to me it felt decent.

| Display |


The device has a slightly larger display than its predecessors and measures at 5-inches with 720 x 1280 pixels of resolution. The pixel density of 294 PPI won't impress you much.

| RAM |

The Redmi 3s Prime sports a 3GB of RAM and it's good enough to handle multi-tasking. Moreover, as MIUI's RAM management has improved, the device will give a decent performance.

| Processor |

The Redmi 3s Prime comes up with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 (MMB29) processor (octa core),same as Redmi 3s and it's fair enough keeping the price in mind except for it isn't that good to play high-end games.

| Camera |

Xiaomi as we know has never compromised on the Camera segment and Redmi 3s Prime keeps the streak alive. The device features a 13MP f/2.0 aperture rear camera and a 5MP f/2.0 front camera. The focusing is quite fast and the camera seems to fail only in some low-light conditions. But it's good enough to make your ugly face look good :P

| Battery |

Now this is something Redmi 3s Prime owners will proudly talk of ! The smartphone sports a 4,100mAH battery and you can play Pokemon Go for almost 7 long hours continuously. Well doing that daily will give your girlfriend a reason to breakup for sure :P But frankly spoken, the battery is a uniquely striking feature at this price point.

| Finger-Print Sensor and IR Blaster |

The finger-print sensor of Redmi 3s Prime works faster than the speed at which Xiaomi products go out of stock in flash sales :P It's quite amazing considering the price-tag
The phone also has a IR Blaster so the next time you visit McDonald's, don't forget to freak out their staff by changing the channels in their TVs :D


| Things you may don't like in Redmi 3S Prime |

1)Display- It isn't a full HD displaY and has NO protection. So the next time your phone falls off your hands, don't expect any "Gorilla" or "Dragon" to help you :P
2)Hybrid Sim Slot- So you gotta choose over a second sim card or a memory card. Tough decision? Good luck then!

So having said all of that, the Redmi 3s Prime is surely a device to put your money on. The great looks,fair specs and low pricing makes it a steal-deal gadget :) Thanks for reading the review and hope you liked it. Please share the article with your friends and stay tuned as more "witty" content is about come. Good day!